What did we learn from SEO and COVID-19?

Jul 15, 2020 Blog
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A behavioral analysis of search shifts using real GSC data for SEO and COVID-19

SEO and COVID-19

We analyzed how searcher behavior shifts during the COVID-19 crisis has impacted different industries. Using our extensive pool of Google Search Console data, we analyzed the clicks, impressions, CTR, and position of keywords from 4800 domains to get valuable insights into which industries have profited, and which have lost out. 

The COVID-19, a global pandemic, is unlike anything that most of us have experienced. Lives are threatened, but the very way we work and exist has changed rapidly, and average daily life has reached a whole new level of strangeness.

As many of us adjust to working and functioning fully from home, most of our wants and needs can only be satisfied via digital channels and virtual spaces. We are all seeking outlets of entertainment, social interaction, fitness, grocery shopping, and education quickly and reliably without having to leave our homes.

The home office is not my natural environment, nor is it my preferred one, but obviously, those preferences don’t matter anymore when others’ health hangs in the balance. 

SEO and COVID-19

Working in the digital marketing or SEO industry should be a massive advantage as we witness the world to move offline to online exclusively. However, knowing to uplift online traffic means little if that business can’t operate anymore. 

This ongoing uncertainty and turbulence are evident with the enormous changes in searcher behavior and consumer demands we witness right now. We must understand and adhere to these shifts as we move forward and rapidly adopt digital strategies for our businesses to survive.

Due to the increased online-activity and dependency on reliable search results, SEO and website optimization are now an important marketing channel. Still, it can also ultimately become a defining factor in whether a business survives. Proper SEO helps assure our information is factual, well-represented, and that websites are technically capable of search engines and users. In doing so, we can ensure that we are prominently ranked for search queries.

Takeaways and advice for positively impacted industries

COVID-19 and SEO Steps:

Use increase impression data as an interpretive sign for which products to restock online as a priority.

Keep a close eye on the new keywords rising in impressions and clicks, as these are clear indicators of trending topics that your domain may already be ranking. Even if it’s a low position yet relevant placement, you can pipeline these to editorial teams and work to rank highly for those keywords as fast as possible.

Invest time analyzing your search snippets and seeing how you can best stand out to drive more clicks. There aren’t many industries that have been positively impacted, so the competition is fierce, and standing out more in the SERPs is a must. To improve your search snippets, you can test providing better copy, apply Structured Data for rich snippets, and structured content for Featured Snippets to secure traffic for your rankings.

Create fantastic online services and resources that keep people active, productive, and happy!

Final thoughts

SEO and COVID-19 analysis of organic search impressions provides an in-depth and reliable understanding of what is taking place in search during the current crisis. People rely on search to discover information and facts about the crisis, but more importantly, search helps people fulfill the needs they can no longer meet offline and in person.

Whether your business stands to be positively impacted by the crisis or scaled-down due to lack of ability to operate, we digital marketers and SEO practitioners have to ensure our website and content make a positive contribution to the current situation. By building enriched online experiences, resolving worries and uncertainties with informational content, targeting and solving upcoming topics, creating happy distractions, and adapting our services and products for the stay-at-home period, we can help make dealing with this crisis a little easier.

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