Secrets to having a successful investor day

Jul 27, 2016 Blog
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Secrets to having a successful investor day
Secrets to having a successful investor day

Hosting an investor day can have a positive impact if you know the secrets to having a successful investor day —both during the event and in the weeks and months to follow. It can be a powerful way to raise management visibility and credibility, highlight the depth of your management team, and clarify your company’s growth strategy. Here are some tips to help you begin the process.



Why are you hosting the event at this particular time? What messages do you want to communicate? Who should deliver prepared remarks? There’s nothing that says an investor day must be held every year. In fact, they shouldn’t be held annually if there’s no new or exciting information to share. Companies should feel free to hold the event when the timing is right and the information is relevant. Make sure the event is relevant don’t want the information to get too stale for the investment community

For example, if your planning an investor day around a major announcement this can give you the opportunity to provide investors an additional incentive to attend the event. It also can make sense to include third-party speakers in addition to your management team, depending on the focus of your investor day. For example, a company that recently announced a new medical device might invite a physician to speak about its benefits.



Many companies like to have their investor day at their headquarters because it gives them a chance to show off their facilities, equipment, and operations. It can be helpful to reach out to your sell-side analysts and key shareholders in advance for their opinions about the timing or location you are considering.

Companies can boost attendance, awareness, and participation by taking the event to a location that is more likely to draw attendance. Major cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or Miami can be big draws because they’re convenient and because they’re attractive destinations. One idea that can encourage attendance is to piggyback off of a big industry conference or trade show. If analysts will already be in town for the conference, they may be willing to stay one extra day for the investor event.




A company could really promote the event online by giving the event its own splash page or even its own mini-site. The site could contain the event’s agenda, speaker bios, and event check-in info. When the event is over, attendees could reference the site to listen to the audio or download slide decks and other relevant information, such as the event transcript. The microsite or splash page will work best if designed in conjunction with all of the other collateral for the event including the invitations, save-the-date emails, and presentations. A design company with experience marketing investor days can create a cohesive package that accurately reflects a company’s brand and captures the event’s theme.


Not every company is up to speed on the power of Twitter. However, it’s likely that many of the attendees use Twitter regularly. Live tweeting the event serves two purposes. First, it relays information to those who aren’t in attendance and builds buzz around the event. However, it also provides a documented transcript of the day’s happenings. If a company creates and pushes an event-specific hashtag, they can then monitor and review all tweets surrounding the event. Those tweets can provide critical information about how the day was received and what information should be communicated better going forward.




Rehearsing for the investor day is essential. It allows your speakers to practice their delivery as well as make sure they are successfully communicating the key messages you want the audience to take away from the presentations.

An investor day can be as fun and original as a company wants it to be. Far too many companies fall into a default program that isn’t compelling and provides too little helpful information. By thinking creatively and embracing non-traditional ideas, a company can makes its investor day a positive experience for both the business and the attending analysts and investors.

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