Public Relations Small Cap Companies

OTC PR Group works to build shareholder value by engaging with key stakeholders and effectively following up and communicating your message with a deep understanding of how to bring Public Relations to Small Cap Companies’ investment potential and vision to investors, brokers, and the media.

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We help smallcap, biotech, cannabis & microcap companies structure and communicate their message to Wall Street through a combination of old school practices and the latest media and marketing methods. The principles of OTC PR Group are equipped to approach analysts, brokers, and portfolio managers in the language they understand. We communicate directly with investment professionals understanding their goals, attention, and the type of companies they want.

Public Relations Small Cap Companies are about gaining attention and building an investor audience. 

OTC PR Group networks with newsletter publishers, advertising partners, editors, social media specialists, analysts, research writers, and blog show personalities. Working closely with our clients and professional industry specialists, OTC PR can implement advertising and marketing programs that produce high-impact advertising campaigns.

Public Relations for Small Cap Companies is about combining media and investor relations into a high-impact exposure networking tool. OTC PR is an experienced IR firm with securities knowledge and an understanding of the investment community. We provide broad social media marketing campaigns that benefit our companies and their stakeholders, maximizing media and investor exposure. 

Public Relations Small Cap Companies

IR Websites

We offer IR website products to fit the needs of any public company, from mega caps to micro caps and everything in between.

All IR Websites are designed and developed to be fully compliant with SEC regulations and exchange rules. That’s the easy part, but what sets us apart is our unique approach to content strategy and design.

Whether you’re looking for a low-cost solution or a custom design and content strategy that brings your investor messaging to life, we have your answer.

And our Designers and Developers create a fully responsive website that aligns with your brand, can be viewed on any device, and easily adapts to future company changes and challenges.

Social Media & Investor Communications

Investor Relations Consulting Firms

Utilizing social media outlets like Twitter, a public company can communicate to shareholders with short messages to followers with a press release link to its website. Companies can utilize Twitter to reduce information acquisition costs and increase the speed and flexibility of news dissemination for its investors and media outlets that follow it.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and linkedin are great social media platforms to gain corporate investor awareness and are highest for customer-facing industries. Our team guides our clients and creates rich content and imagery that generates exposure and investor participation.

Public Relations Small Cap Companies

OTC PR Group combines small-cap public, media & investor relations into a powerful social media networking tool.

OTC PR Group works with the leading Social Media Marketing professionals to develop custom social strategies to achieve the greatest return on investment. Whether you are just starting or need better results from your campaign, OTC PR can help.

We are experts at creating branded profiles, developing rich creative content, messaging, and building your following. We create the tools you need for social media outreach through optimization and analytics conversion.

We are a seasoned firm with over 30 years of financial knowledge, high familiarity, and an understanding of today’s investment world. Our experienced and creative professional network provides a comprehensive Social Media outreach strategy that benefits our clients and investors.

Learn What Good Public Relations Can Do?

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Some new public company owners may wonder why they should allocate precious marketing budgets to investor relations. They may think their company needs to be more significant to require full-blown PR or consider implementing a PR strategy to save money.

The truth is, however, PR is not a luxury or a nice-to-have for today’s businesses. No matter what size or stage of growth it may be, every organization needs to foster good relations with the public.

Aside from helping companies gain positive publicity, strong PR allows them to set the narrative in communications with investors, customers, prospects, and venture capitalists.

You Need To Establish Deep Stakeholder Relationships

Understanding that good relationships can make or break a business is crucial. It is necessary to cultivate trust and credibility among your key stakeholders. Strategic IR & PR initiatives founded on authenticity and tact can help business owners establish and deepen stakeholder relationships, which are critical in building a sustainable business ecosystem within the investment community. 

How Blogging Increases Investor Exposure

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Business blogging is one of the best ways to engage with customers and raise your shareholder exposure.

A business blog can help you generate more stakeholders and increase your online visibility by increasing the number of pages indexed on Google. More content means more opportunities for potential investors to find your website. Plus, you can use keyword research to optimize each post which will help with search rankings. 

Blogging gives you a platform from which to communicate with existing shareholders, as well as potential new ones. You can keep people updated on news or financial disclosures, provide helpful tips and advice, or tell stories about your company’s values and mission statement.

Business blogging is one of the TOP ways to engage with shareholders, build relationships, and promote your brand. It allows businesses to show their expertise, share industry-related news, and create an ongoing dialogue with their audience. 

Engage Your Investors.

Business blogs are a great way to engage customers by providing them with content they care about. Blogging helps create an ongoing dialogue between you and your audience—one in which they feel heard and respected—ensuring they remain loyal stakeholders for years. 

Additionally, at OTC PR Group, we know it’s important to remember to ensure that the content you post is valuable and relevant to what your target audience wants or needs from your company. If this means investing in professional copywriting services, so be it; the payoff is worth it!

Are you communicating the right message to your stakeholders? 

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Craft a Compelling Narrative

The key to communicating effectively with shareholders is to develop and present a strong narrative explaining the merits of the company or pending deal and, often more importantly, the likely consequences of non-acceptance. 

While the devil is always in the details, those details must be part of a coherent story that explains management’s decision to move forward.

The rationale should consist of a few core messages explaining why the transaction is in the best interest and will create value for shareholders. 

The story should follow the company’s stated business strategies and value creation plans and anticipate and address shareholder questions and skepticism. At a minimum, make sure that your deal narrative answers the following:

  • Whether the deal is strategic or financial.
  • What the revenue and expense synergies are.
  • Why the deal is in the shareholders’ best interests.
  • Why is the seller selling to the acquiring company now, or why the acquiring company is pursuing the target?
  • How the offer or purchase price is fair and reasonable, and the process that led to such purchase price.
  • How will the acquired company be more valuable as part of the acquirer or vice versa?
  • What is the long-term strategy for the combined companies?
  • What other alternatives to the transaction considered, and why those alternatives are riskier, less lucrative, or otherwise less desirable?

Be Transparent With Information

Shareholders have a right to review all material information necessary to consider a merger or acquisition transaction. Opposed or skeptical shareholders can use a lack of adequate disclosure as a basis to threaten or delay the transaction. A temporary injunction, or even the threat of one or similar litigation, can throw off a carefully crafted transaction timeline and present other negative implications that could imperil a deal.

From a practical standpoint, shareholder communications should also include details on the mechanics and timing of shareholder acceptance. If such mechanical components are not included (or if they’re not clear), shareholders often lose focus on the broader narrative and business case presented to them. Accordingly, a company should clearly explain whats asked for, how acceptance can be made, and any applicable deadlines.

Want to Get a VC’s Attention?

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A Holistic Approach To Public Relations Small Cap Companies & Venture Capitalists.

Of course, shareholders aren’t the only constituents whose consent and approval are critical to a transaction’s success. Even among shareholders, the interests and goals of institutional investors may differ from those of individual investors. In a deal, and each group of stakeholders has its concerns, priorities, and objectives.

While a company’s messaging may need to be tailored and focused on addressing these differing perspectives, the core message and transaction rationale should be consistent across all communications. A holistic company-wide approach led by a dedicated and experienced individual or team focused on the communications aspect of the transaction can be the key to implementing an effective strategy. Upper management and relationship managers should be ready with talking points to ensure a united narrative when discussing the transaction with customers, suppliers, and other interested stakeholders.

Increase Shareholder Recognition with Video and Audio productions

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A quality corporate video is a great way to bring recognition and corporate awareness. Public companies can communicate their story with a corporate video, whether a well-developed commercial video or a simple interview-style format.  

It is a tremendous marketing tool for content marketing. The benefits range from increasing sales, SEO presence, shareholder recognition, and exposure to mainstream media.

Posting a video on your website can increase click-through rates, ensuring your site gets the highest ROI possible. Companies can also post it on YouTube., one of the world’s most significant search engines. You can quickly increase your company’s visibility if your video is on YouTube.

A Top IR strategy incorporating video productions will help your business look more influential in the public space. This kind of PR can lead to a strong investor following, VC partnerships, and financial support. 

OTC PR Group provides public relations services for publicly traded companies seeking funding, investor awarenesssocial mediaDigital Advertisingwebsite designSEOpress writing, and more for Smallcap, Biotech and OTC-listed companies.