Public Relations Small Cap Companies

Public Relations Small Cap CompaniesOTC PR Group provides a full suite of Public Relations Small Cap Companies services utilizing the latest technologies coupled with relationship building processes to develop and maintain interest from your shareholder base.

We work to build shareholder value by engaging with key-stakeholders and effectively following up and communicating your message, investment potential and corporate vision to investors, Brokers and the media.

We help company’s structure and communicate their message to Wall Street through a combination of old school practices and the latest media and marketing methods.  Having extensive experience as past stock brokers in the early eighties, the principles of OTC PR Group are equipped to approach analysts, brokers and portfolio managers in the language they understand. We communicate directly with investment professionals understanding their goals, attention, and the type of companies they look for.

Public Relations Small Cap Companies is all about grabbing attention and creating an audience.  OTC PR Group networks with only the “Top Rated” service providers and advertising partners, which include newsletter publishers, social media specialist, editors, analysts, research writers, and radio talk show personalities, are utilized in our corporate outreach visibility programs. Working closely with our clients and professional network partners, OTC PR can create and implement marketing and advertising programs that deliver high impact exposure campaigns.

OTC PR Group combines small cap public relations, investor relations and media relations into a powerful networking tool. We are an experienced firm with the financial knowledge as well as high familiarity and understanding of the investment community. Through our networks of dedicated and creative professionals, we provide a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that benefits our clients and their investors.

How Social Media Improves Investor Communications

With social media platforms such as Twitter, a company can send one or more short messages directly to a known number of followers with a link to a press release on its corporate website. As such, a company can use Twitter to target its news dissemination, increase the speed and flexibility of the news dissemination, and reduce information acquisition costs for its investors and the traditional media outlets that follow it.

Twitter and Facebook are the two most frequently adopted social media platforms for corporations and is highest for customer-facing industries such as meals, retail, books and services and lowest for industrial sectors such as oil and steel.

OTC PR Group works in partnership with the leading Social Media Marketing professionals in the industry to develop custom social strategies to achieve the greatest return on investment. Whether you are just getting started or need better results from your campaign, our networks can help. From creating branded profiles, to developing messaging and rich creative content, to building and enhancing your following, through analytics and conversion optimization, we will deliver the tools you need for success.

OTC PR Group combines small cap public relations, investor relations and media relations into a powerful networking tool. We are an experienced firm with the financial knowledge as well as high familiarity and understanding of the investment community. Through our networks of dedicated and creative professionals, we provide a comprehensive Social Media Solutions strategy that benefits our clients and their investors.

Learn What Good Public Relations Can Do?

Investor and small cap public relations professionals do more than draft press releases. Good PR specialists craft persuasive messages and implement key communication tactics while building relationships with media representatives. Good PR is the telling of a good story. We all know the public wants to hear a good story. The better the story, the better the acceptance by the public and the better the public relations. Of course if the story is especially appealing, hitting on the all the hot buttons of investors and clients, then you could have a PR slam-dunk. In this case, it is communication with not just your target market but also all possible media outlets that puts your company on the map.

At we feel there is nothing more rewarding than helping an organization overcome business challenges with all the benefits outlined below.

Public relations produces media results including articles, radio interviews, and op-eds that provide strong marketing materials and credibility. As an example: a well-executed media placement can be distributed as an e-mail blast, physical mailer, and social media post. Further, that content can be sent to existing customers or member bases, as well as potential ones, to demonstrate company value.

Brand visibility, placing your company name, products and expertise in front of your target audience is powerful. In most forms, media coverage often validates a company in the eyes of the public, and makes them more familiar with the brand when they see it again, be it from an e-mail blast, sales call, and other marketing technique.

How Blogging Increases Investor Exposure

At OTC PR Group we can help you drive traffic with blogging, social media and search engines. Here’s how it functions. Think about how many pages there are on your website. Probably not that many, right? And think about how often you update those pages. Probably not that often, right? Well, blogging helps solve both of those problems. Every time you write a blog post, that’s one more indexed page on your website, which means it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in organic search. That’s one more ping to Google and other search engines that your website is active and they should be checking in frequently to see what new content will surface.

Our hands on approach to Blogging also helps you get discovered via social media. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share via — Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest — which helps expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet. Blog content also helps keep your social media presence going and your blog can serve as that repository of content. You’re strengthening your social reach with blog content and driving new website visitors to your blog via your social channels. So, the first benefit of blogging? It helps drive new traffic to your website and works closely with search engines and social media to do that.

Are you communicating the right message to your stakeholders? 

Have you been delivering it through the right channels? Make a mistake and, at best, you risk missing your audience. At worst—I’ll leave that to your imagination.

When markets are volatile and regulation continues to rise, the stakes grow even higher. Effective investor relations are critical in today’s economic climate. Naturally, the effort is complicated by risk management considerations, leading to the possibility of tension between the investor relations and corporate legal teams.

Public Relations Small Cap Companies

We have more than 20 years of experience helping clients navigate a wide range of investor relation issues. Our approach to investor relations delivers action orientated results for our clients including new business contacts, ideas and exposure that can save time and money while delivering the right outcomes.

Want to Get a VC’s Attention?

Raising capital is perhaps the most difficult challenge any entrepreneur faces and for many, it’s unavoidable.

In today’s business climate, there are literally hundreds of ways to fundraise.

We can help establish clear and realistic goals and explain your vision in concrete terms to potential investors.

By laying out your plan in detail, you should be able to say with confidence what you can expect to accomplish. Investors deserve transparency and truth. Your partnership must be based on trust — and only credibility can breed it. Making a good impression with a solid pitch presentation is important, but it won’t guarantee funding. Credibility invokes confidence, which mitigates risk and opens wallets.

OTC PR Group can reach qualified and targeted stockbrokers for your company. Our experience in small cap public relations has shown that a properly coordinated out reach program can attract attention and increase awareness. We have integrity and a high-quality database of stockbrokers and VC Groups who we are able to target for your company.

Public Relations Small Cap Companies

Increase Shareholder Recognition with Video and Audio productions

A good corporate video is one of the best ways you can bring visibility and corporate recognition. If you are a public company and you are not communicating your story with a corporate video whether it’s an interview style format or a well-developed commercial video you are missing out on what is a tremendous marketing tool. Online video has been gaining strength as a source for content marketing the benefits can be increasing shareholder recognition; increase sales, web presence, along with exposure to media.

One of the best things about video content is that you can post it on YouTube. While video can dramatically increase your website’s visibility on the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), few businesses understand how to take advantage of YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine.

Depending on your marketing objectives, your videos can live either on YouTube or on your website. If your video is on YouTube, you can increase your brand’s visibility in search fairly quickly, but the traffic will go to YouTube. But if your video lives on your website, the traffic goes to your site, but it takes longer to build up your rankings and traffic. That’s what video does: it increases email click-through rates, ensuring that your email campaigns get the highest ROI possible. If you’re ready to become an expert in your niche, then it’s time to see what a good video marketing team can do with an online interview.

The bottom line is to get the word out about your company, your products and services to those who could potentially be interested in you. If your business is able to do this, PR may help your company look more influential, bigger, and more important in the public eye. Small cap public relations are an important part of marketing and advertising and needs to be considered in your advertising budget. The good news about PR is when done effectively can lead to strong community and industrial partnerships, and even financial support.

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