Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

We help company’s structure and communicate their message to Wall Street through a combination of old school practices and the latest media and marketing methods. Having extensive experience in corporate communications. As past stock brokers in the early eighties, the principles of OTC PR Group are equipped to approach analysts, brokers and portfolio managers in the language they understand. We communicate directly with investment professionals understanding their goals, attention, and the type of companies they look for.

We strive to find stories that resonate well with our networks and with our direct communication practices our clients get their attention.

Investment professionals such as: stockbrokers, registered investment advisors (RIAs), certified financial planners (CFPs) don’t have the time to research the thousands of OTC companies that currently trade. If you don’t have an experienced professional speaking with them directly about your story, they will never know you exist.

Our old school approach works because we have deep long-term relationships with investment professionals, we understand what sparks their interests and the type of companies they are willing to get behind. We also have long-term relationships with many financial institutions such as hedge funds and other institutional investment funds that can take market-moving positions in a stock.

Our approach is centered around properly educating Investment professionals and cultivating trust in order to uphold and protect management’s long-term credibility and reputation on Wall Street. Our company was founded on a strategic and professional approach to corporate relations that builds awareness of our clients through tailored outreach programs that target institutional investors, analysts and the financial media.

The OTC PR Group model employs a variety of conventional and non-conventional programs and tools to communicate your company’s story and increase your exposure in the small-cap equity markets. We pride ourselves on the honest and unfiltered feedback we gather from the brokerage community and we use this feedback to constantly evolve the messaging.

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