Optimize your Website for the right keyphrases

Jan 23, 2019 Blog
Public Relations

At OTC PR Group using the tools provided in the Google Search Console offers many valuable insights into your site’s performance. Optimize your Website for the right keyphrases to fix: low rankings and low click-throughs. For example: how often a page is shown, or how often people clicked on your website in Google’s search results. But, once you have a list of posts that could do better, how to decide on the next step? What’s the best strategy to improve your SEO based on Search Console data? Should you improve low ranking posts first, or low CTR posts?

Optimizing for the right keyphrases

Google Search Console offers a wealth of information for Optimizing for the right keyphrases for site owners. For instance, you can find out which pages don’t rank well or get few clicks.

We’re obsessed about #speed! Faster websites are better for users, and better for search engines. That’s why we spend a lot of time working out how to make our own site faster. It’s also why we stay on top of the latest trends in browser technology and performance techniques. Website design tips.

That’s all well and good, but while speeding up our own site, we kept hitting a bottleneck — no matter how many things we tweaked, our CSS was slowing us down.

So we thought about ways in which WordPress might handle CSS differently, and better, and we’ve come up with a new, faster approach. If you want to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your site, this might be just the thing for you!

Make sure you get the first step in SEO right!

That first step? Optimizing for the right keyphrases, of course! The keyphrases you aim to rank for should contain the words your customers use. Imagine yourself selling dresses for gala events. In your marketing, you refer to these dresses as [gala dresses]. However, Google Trends shows people do not search for [gala dress]. They search for [gown]! You won’t get much traffic if you optimize for [gala dress]. So, make sure you target the right keyphrases.