IR Firms insights to the importance of having a Mobile Friendly Website

Mar 20, 2018 Blog

IR Firms mobile friendly sites

When evaluating different IR firms, ask yourself, Does the IR firm have all the skill sets I need? Does it have the experience and people to get the job done? Consider IR Firms that understand the Power of the Internet.

Investors are increasingly dependent on the Internet as a primary source of information about the financial markets and their investments. Good communication with your investors includes a well developed website that satisfies their information needs.

In 2015 Google announced a new update which included the performance of websites on mobile devices as a ranking factor.

In the SEO world this update is known as ‘Mobilegeddon’. The consequences of this update are rather simple: if your website isn’t deemed mobile friendly, it won’t rank well in mobile search results. 50-60% of searches are conducted on a mobile device. With that number rising every year, not ranking well in those search results means you’re not ranking well for the majority of investors searching for ideas.

An investment profile that is mobile friendly is one of the most important facets of your company’s investor relations program. It is your company’s face to investors. For many emerging companies, the investment profile created by the IR firm is the only profile on the company available to investors.

Check whether or not your site is mobile-friendly using these simple tools.

Google made a complete guide to mobile-friendly sites.

There’s also mobile-friendly test,

Which will give you either of these responses:

 If your website isn’t shown in the mobile results, People who searched for one of your keywords on their mobile devices won’t be able to click on your site. Your total CTR will therefore decrease. Also: if 50% of searches happen on mobile devices, it’s a major discovery method. People can only share URLs or link to them when they’ve actually found your site. This ties back to rankings, so this will impact desktop search quite heavily in the long run.

And when you get the message that your page is not mobile-friendly, they’ll obviously also tell you why not. If your website is not mobile-friendly according to this test, you really have to evaluate your IR Firms credentials.

At OTC PR Group we can provide a regularly updated mobile friendly website with information about your company that will significantly expand the reach of your story. The websites of effective IR firms attract the attention and help gain the confidence of investors, analysts, fund managers, brokers, market makers and others. Make sure the company you choose has a website strategy that will work for you.