Investor Relations for Small Cap Companies

Investor relations

We have more than 20 years of experience helping clients navigate a wide range of Investor Relations issues for Small Cap Companies. Our approach to investor relations delivers action orientated results for our clients including new business contacts, ideas and exposure that can save time and money while delivering the right outcomes.

Properly executed investor relations can help companies develop and maintain market value. Working with our experienced team at OTC PR Group allows client companies to achieve solid and positive results from their IR initiatives. Additionally, we can help clients avoid the many challenges of developing and maximizing a strong investor base.

OTC PR Group provides a full suite of investor relations services utilizing the latest technologies coupled with relationship building processes to develop and maintain interest from your shareholder base. We work to build shareholder value by engaging with key-stakeholders and effectively following up and communicating your message, investment potential and corporate vision to investors, Brokers and the media.

Investor Relations

Establishing an intelligent and creative program that impacts the attitude and perception of your targeted audience is critical.

Here are some of the services and investor relations solutions we offer our clients:
Competitive Analysis – Tracking your peers’ stories so you can better communicate your own
Investor Identification & Communication – Identifying the right investors to grow your shareholder base
Strategic Positioning & Messaging – Articulating messages that resonate with investors
Strategy & Planning – Developing investor relation campaigns that produce results
Transaction Communications – Communicating deals effectively to gain stakeholder support
Social Media – Utilizing digital platforms to broaden your investor audience

Investor Relations

Our campaigns are strategically executed to generate exposure and stimulate action. In many programs that calls for generating a strong social media platform or sending off press coverage. Other times, it’s communicating a message directly to customers through a blog, video, or online presentation.

Having extensive experience in professional investor relations, the principles of OTC PR Group are equipped to approach analysts, brokers and portfolio managers in the language they understand. We understand their goals, their compensation, and their incentive structures. This experience helps motivate the decision making process and better serve our clients on valuation issues and how to position their companies.

At OTC PR Group we’re experts in investor relations and figuring out what message you want to convey, who you want it to reach, and then executing a successful program to effectively relay that information.

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