Investor Relations Website Design

Investor Relations Website Design for Public Companies.

Investor Relations Website Design

OTC PR Group websites are designed for results. As a market leader in Investor Relations Website Design, we know how to convey your story in a way that engages investors and differentiates you from your peers. We leverage industry best practices, leading design trends, and a best-in-class user experience with an experience customized to your needs.

IR website design and shareholder communication is our specialty. Companies must control domain and website content and refrain from outsourcing these too-costly third-party vendors. 

Our investor relations firm approach provides an immersive experience for microcap, smallcap & Biotech investors and analysts while significantly reducing client costs. We provide the latest designs for data-driven content strategy and comprehensive SEO practices that you own.

We Help Clients Stand Out Among Peers & Competitors 

Our IR website team sets you apart with a comprehensive investor relations website design highlighting your company’s story. As a critical source of information, Our IR website design services give investors a reason to invest their money in your business. In addition, we build corporate transparency that attracts you to the journalists who put a spotlight on your company in the media environment. 

A well-built investor relations website offers journalists the information they need to cover a particular online or printed news. Some of the most vital info on your IR website for journalists:

  • Company Profile & Overview
  • Press releases 
  • Current stock information & Quote feed
  • Financial Overview & Filings
  • Videos & Interviews
  • Executive Bios
  • Photos of Executives
  • List of Analysts & Publications

All our investor relations website designs are HTTPS secure and fast with the Configuration of plugins for Contact Forms, Basic SEO, Security & Firewall, Backups Google Captcha and Map API Integration Social Media Links, and mobile responsive. 

We also provide Hosting, SSL, Domain Name, Content, Copywriter, Logo/Branding, Advanced SEO, or e-commerce. You will enjoy the industry’s only proactive client services that are U.S. based.

Let’s face it; why would you spend thousands of dollars having a third-party developer own your domain and website? Not only is this not wise, but virtually impossible to create and control your brand and SEO-driven content.

Mobile-Friendly investor relations website design, SEO, using relevant Social Media outlets that fit into the company’s IR strategy, and keeping up with regulations and disclosure are all part of the list.

It’s not just the general public that locates you on the web to keep in mind; you must consider potential investors, current shareholders, analysts, and journalists. It’s essential to have your investor relations website design updated in real-time regarding press releases.

Build Credibility & Shareholder Trust 

OTC PR Websites are designed and built to comply with SEC regulations and exchange rules. Public companies are expected to give more details on their operations than ever. With an informative yet easy-to-navigate investor relations website, you can build a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness among investors. By exhibiting the correct info in the right section, we put clients on the right track to meet investors’ and Wall Street expectations.

Our public relations team incorporates regulatory filings, financials, and press release links ensuring they are easily visible and categorized. We ensure the site archives documents and presentations in chronological order –as it is helpful to the user to see context and history.

One should never forget that the IR section is an important marketing tool to educate, increase stock visibility, and promote the company. A good investor relations website design should clearly describe the company’s story and investment proposition. Our investor relations website design team will feature essential aspects such as the business’s milestones, leadership, and relevant content that can communicate a compelling story to potential investors’ minds of who the company is and where they are going.

We maintain corporate brand identity, ensuring your company will have a seamless experience for the reader and end-user – from images and logos to the general look and feel. We use pictures, graphics, charts, videos, and podcasts where possible – it’s easier to understand. We all know multimedia is slightly more interesting than static words on a page!

Investor Relations Website Design and Mobile Devices

Our team ensures the IR section is optimized for reading on any mobile or handheld device. Gone are the days when information is just viewed on desktops – now it’s laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

Investor Relations Website Design-Key features of responsive websites:

  • Dynamic content that changes
  • Navigation is condensed
  • Optimized images
  • Correct padding and spacing
  • Reliant on mobile operating systems to function
Investor Relations Website Design

Investor Relations Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Investor Relations Website Design

Search engine optimization is nowadays more important than ever. Every PR specialist must understand the true meaning of SEO and its potential for every business.

What is SEO? That Is What We Do! Read More:

Investor Relations Website Design and Social Media Considerations

Website Design & Social Media

We use relevant social media and decide if it fits the company’s IR strategy. Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms can help individual companies communicate their IR message and relevant content to various audiences.

Our IR Firm will bring creative ways to use investor relations to paint your company in the best light. 

We ensure visitors can leave personal contact information and opt into an email distribution list for regular company news or updates.

OTC PR Group knows what makes a great Investor Relations Website Design—keeping in mind that the IR section has essential main functions, keeping the information updated regularly. The presentation and execution of this can vary greatly. Working with our experienced IR firm can make this difficult job much more manageable.

At OTC PR Group, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investor relations website design will have all the components incorporated to help improve the investor experience. Give your potential investors, interested analysts, and journalists what they want from your IR website.

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