Investor Relations Firms for Small Cap Companies

Investor relations firms should ensure that a company’s stock is getting enough exposure.

investor relations firms

Is your stock being traded fairly through disclosure of crucial facts that allow investors and brokers to assess whether a company is a good investment or not?

Are you communicating the right message to your stakeholders?

Have you been delivering it through the right channels? Make a mistake, and, at best, you risk missing your audience. At worst—I’ll leave that to your imagination.

When markets are volatile, and regulation continues to rise, the stakes grow even higher. Effective investor relations firms are critical in today’s economic climate. Naturally, the effort is complicated by finding the right investor relations firm that fits your company size. 

Most traditional investor relations firms that work with large-cap and blue-chip companies are not a good fit for small-cap companies. The reason is simple: large companies have big advertising budgets that generate investor interest. Larger cap investor relations firms handle shareholder/broker inquires, release financial information, etc.

The problem with small-cap companies commonly referred to as penny stocks is that they have limited advertising budgets, which hinders their ability to get investors’ attention. Hiring larger-cap investor relations firms to handle investor calls is a waste of money when the phone is not ringing. 

Investor relations for small-cap companies is our specialty. We understand what drives investor interest and what is required to get their attention and increase stock visibility.

Our approach to investor relations delivers action-orientated results that target investors for our clients, including new business contacts, ideas, and exposure that can save time and money while providing the right outcomes.

Properly executed investor relations can help companies develop and maintain market value. Working with our experienced team at OTC PR Group allows client companies to achieve tangible and positive results from their IR initiatives. Additionally, we can help clients avoid the many challenges of developing and maximizing a strong investor base.

Our IR campaigns are strategically executed to generate exposure and stimulate action in many programs that create a robust social media platform or send off press coverage. Other times, it’s communicating a message directly to customers through a blog, video, or online presentation.

We have extensive experience in professional investor relations. The principles of OTC PR Group will approach analysts, brokers, and portfolio managers, Venture capital in the language they understand. We understand their goals, their compensation, and incentive structures. This experience helps motivate the decision making process and better serve our clients on valuation issues and position their companies.

Investor Relations Firms

Our program affords you the most significant coverage in developing stock support and higher market capitalization utilizing the largest and most popular database providers in the industry who can take positions in your company stock.

IR website design and shareholder communication is our specialty. We believe companies need to control domain and website content and not outsource these too costly third-party vendors. Our approach provides an immersive experience for investors and analysts while significantly reducing the costs for issuers. 

investor relations firms & SEO

We provide the latest IR designs to data-driven content strategy and comprehensive SEO practices that you own.

All our investor relations websites built to ADA WCAG 2.1 AA, GDPR, CCPA, HTTPS secure, and mobile responsive. You will enjoy the industry’s only proactive client services that are U.S. based.

Let’s face it; why would you spend thousands of dollars having a third party developer own your domain and website. Not only is this not wise, but virtually impossible to create and control your brand and SEO driven content.

These services have proven to help create and maintain strong relationships with a corporation’s investor base, resulting in strong valuations in the marketplace and establishing leadership positions for our clients. From day one, you will be on your way to an effective and well-organized program with short-term results.

Investor Relations Firms that specialize in Small-Cap Stocks are required to generate exposure and stimulate new investor participation.

At OTC PR Group, we’re experts and figuring out what message you want to convey, who you want it to reach, and then executing a successful program to relay that information effectively. 

We Increase Visibility by utilizing our Newsletter Publishing Websites that help create new investor interest for our clients.
  • News Releases
  • Newspaper and Magazine Articles
  • Media Relations and Publicity
  • Public Relations Strategy and Branding
  • Radio and Television Interviews
  • Social Media Applications
  • Social Media News
  • Videos Production
  • Web Site Content
  • Blogs and Micro Blogs
  • Bylined Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Crisis Communications 
  • Customer Communications
  • EBooks and E-Newsletters
  • Illustrations and Graphics
  • Online Magazines
  • Investor Communications
  • Increase Stock Visibility

We also have a robust IR social media presence that enables our clients to feature their company news and filings on multiple social media platforms.


OTC PR Group also services clients through some of the world’s largest press release distribution networks, specializing in delivering corporate press releases, financial disclosures, and multimedia content to the media, investment community, individual investors, and the general public. 

Industry veterans staff our partner programs. We offer a full complement of services, including specialized delivery to financial sites of photos and multimedia content. We can also provide international and specialized premium press releases services such as IR websites and industry-specific distribution.