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Public Relation microphonesOTC PR Group is an investor relations firm specializing in comprehensive programs for micro-cap, small-cap and mid-cap public companies in a range of industries. We combine knowledge of capital markets communications, and an unparalleled reputation for integrity and client service with evolving industry best practices to design and execute investor relations programs that help deliver long-term shareholder value.

We view each engagement as a long-term partnership opportunity, and a respect for management’s time. At the core of our client relationships are these underling principles:

  • We will perform our due diligence on every potential client, and assess the opportunities and challenges specific to that company.
  • We will not overpromise what we can deliver.
  • We will work together to customize an approach that best addresses each company’s specific goals, and revise our strategy as necessary.
  • We will not steer clients towards programs or events unless they advance our shared goals.
  • We will disagree with clients on occasion, and offer alternative approaches that we believe provide the best return on management’s time and capital investment.


We specialize in formulating and implementing comprehensive IR programs for micro-cap, small-cap and mid-cap public companies. Importantly, we excel at the three key components of IR services: effective investor communications, targeted investor outreach, and sound marketing strategies. Because no two companies are alike, and companies change over time, we design and implement programs that are tailored to specific needs, management philosophies, and desired outcomes.

Media Relations graphOTC PR Group recognize that the ability to effectively reach investors and communicate the story – be it growth, value, turnaround, market leadership, new technology, etc. – in an impactful and consistent investor relation outreach program can significantly influence how a company is perceived and how its securities are valued.  Because we strive to build long-term relationships, we invest the time to develop a deep understanding of each client’s business, sector and strategy. At the same time, we develop an appreciation of each client’s culture, and management’s goals and philosophies. The resulting partnership allows us to recommend and implement strategies to maximize the overall effectiveness of each IR program.

OTC PR Group will provide expert guidance and management in the following areas:


o   News Releases

o   Newspaper and Magazine Articles

o   Media Relations and Publicity

o   Public Relations Strategy and Branding

o   Radio and Television Interviews

o   Social Media Applications

o   Social Media News

o   Videos Production

o   Web Site Content


o   Blogs and Micro Blogs

o   Bylined Articles

o   Case Studies

o   Crisis Communications 

o   Customer Communications

o   EBooks and E-Newsletters

o   Illustrations and Graphics

o   Online Magazines

o   Investor Communications


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