How Site Speed Influences SEO

Site Speed Influences SEO

You must maintain your web presence when trying to get exposure and gain investor attention. Site Speed Influences SEO. 

Performing Site speed SEO optimization practices is more critical than ever.

Site Speed Influences SEO, and Google has repeatedly said that a fast website helps you rank better. Recently, Google launched the  ‘Speed Update,’ making site speed a crucial factor for search engines. 

For now, the slowest sites take the hit, but what about the future?

New articles are published almost daily, telling us that optimizing for

greater speed is one of the most critical things you can do now. And they’re right, of course! Site speed influences SEO in many ways. Here’s a small overview of how site speed and SEO go together.

If you don’t put in the effort to ensure your site works well,, there will be a significant drop-off, and fewer people will visit your site. It’s essential to have a great structure that includes fabulous, targeted, and relevant content. You need the first experience your potential visitor/investor/consumer has with your site to be flawless. They need to load your site first before they can access company content. If it takes ages to load, A much faster competitor is just a single click away. Site Speed Influences SEO and not investing in a fast site is almost like you don’t care about your corporate image. No reason for them to stay, right?

On mobile, site speed is even more of an issue. According to research by Google, the average mobile site takes over fifteen seconds to load. At the same time, people expect them to load in less than three seconds before they consider leaving altogether. Every second counts, as conversions drop sharply with the longer your site takes to load.

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