How Press Releases drive traffic to your company

How Press Releases drive traffic to your company

The data reveals How Press Releases drive traffic to your company. We are experts in creating shareable content and enabling sharing capabilities through the relevant channels that can dramatically increase your shareholder base. 

Optimizing content for sharing pays off regarding the amplification of news. Press releases shared on Facebook and Twitter drive significantly more traffic back to your company. Optimizing content for sharing works for investor awareness and should be implemented for each release. Key conclusions from the analysis include:


  1. Each press release share generates two new views; expands the audience.

Creating engaging content and enabling sharing capabilities through Social channels can increase exposure and views for News. Crowd Factory and PR Newswire found that each share generates an average of nearly two click-backs to the original press release. Additionally, sharing press releases across social channels builds stakeholder base and social reach.

  1. Twitter drives more traffic than Facebook and Press releases need to be shared on many platforms to gain the best coverage

The three largest U.S. based social media channels, Facebook is tops when it comes to sharing news:

  • Approximatly 40+ percent of press release sharing happens on Facebook.
  • 30+ percent of sharing happens on Twitter.
  • 15+ percent happens on LinkedIn.

But not all shares are created equal: despite Facebook’s more significant popularity for sharing, each share on Twitter drives about 30 percent more press release views than a share on Facebook.

  1. Multimedia news enhances engagement more than text only.

We recommend that you include photos, videos, or audio to generate more views, shares, and clicks than text-only press releases. Adding an image to a press release increases exposure; adding a video and a photo doubles the engagement rate. Press releases that contain pictures, video, and audio generate the most attention.

Twitter has been more heavily used for news and business purposes in driving traffic back to press releases. This data reiterates the importance of creating engaging press releases that motivate people to share, whether pairing your release with a video or photo or simply creating a more tweetable headline. Since a single share can drive two new people back to your press release, optimizing sharing content can easily amplify your investment’s impact in news distribution.

In today’s social media era, OTC PR Group understand how many views or shares your content has received is not enough – it’s essential to know where and how your content is circulated among top influencers and which networks have the most impact.

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