Best Investor Relations Firms

Best Investor Relations Firms
Finding the Best Investor Relations Firms

Are you communicating the right message to your stakeholders?

The Best Investor Relations Firms start by identifying your shareholder base to understand who they are and how they feel about particular issues that affect your company and community. 

Though shareholder identification has been controversial in the IR community, it can help ensure you’re talking to the right people about the correct issues.

Have you been delivering it through the proper channels? Make a mistake; at best, you risk missing your audience. At worst—I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Effective investor relations are critical in today’s economic climate. When markets are volatile, and regulation continues to rise, the stakes grow even higher. Naturally, the effort is complicated by risk management considerations, leading to the possibility of tension between investor relations and corporate legal teams.

The key is to work together; following these steps, you can make shareholder communications more effective:

 Build relationships with your investors. 

Shareholders don’t exist only during proxy season. You should invest in your relationships with them all year long. One idea is to create “a historical chronology of what you have spoken about with each investor that includes a few notes on each conversation.” You’ll have notes ready to go at the next meeting, even if it does come a year later.

 Figure out who votes. 

Identifying shareholders is only the first step; the next is to ensure you know who is voting for those shares. (Don’t chase people who don’t have actual voting authority) These are the people who will determine your company’s future.

One tip is to try and find one person, hopefully, someone you can then leverage and work through whatever that particular investor’s organizational structure is.

 Understand the correct issues. 

You need to set an agenda based on your audience of shareholders and voters. Take a look at your corporate governance processes with a critical eye. Prepare for any questions or concerns from your shareholder community. Anticipate needs rather than push your company’s agenda.

Determine whom you need most. 

Issuers can make strategic errors when they target investors for communication. Set aside concerns about which shareholders have the most significant stakes; it may be smaller groups of investors that have more pressing questions for you.

Please focus on the concerns of your constituency; communicate with concerned shareholders with answers to what’s on their minds.

Seek out help. 

Proxy advisers can give you a hand in engaging shareholders in a variety of ways. These firms can do more than help you with a proxy campaign. Get them to help you identify the key people with each institutional shareholder and to analyze voting results for trends and insights.

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