Follow These Basic Steps To Grow Your Business

Follow These Basic Steps To Grow Your Business
Follow These Basic Steps To Grow Your Business

There are a few basic steps in marketing that will work in every situation when you’re trying to grow a business. They work if you’re trying to build an email list or close a deal. If you do not apply them, you will not succeed. At OTC PR Group  we apply these basic principles in order to be competitive. Follow These Basic Steps To Grow Your Business

  1. Things must be Easy and To The Point

You have to make things as easy and obvious as possible. This is true whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or a website, but it’s doubly true if you’re trying to accomplish something on the Internet, where competition is great. Don’t assume users of your website are sophisticated, navigational problems are major stumbling block for the average user. Dumb down everything. Make your webpage simple and to the point.

  1. Few Words are a must

The MOST important marketing principle is to use as few words as possible. If you can’t tell someone what you’re doing in a few sentences, your chances of capturing a customer’s attention has just walked out the door. You must explain the benefit of your product or service in an extremely short sentence or phrase.

You must think of several short phrases that will drive you to go to a web page, or push “add to cart” or fill out a contact form. Putting a well crafted, short, descriptive phrase in front of your ideal customer is very powerful.

  1. Sell your Benefit

For many in business, it becomes difficult to separate the features from the benefits. Further, we tend to become so deeply in love with the features we have developed, we think that everyone should love them just as much. That’s what you should always be asking yourself in regards to your customers, and the important word is “done.” How will the action you want your prospects to perform benefit them?

  1. Everything must be repeated

Things that work and are important should be repeated.

If you ever wanted to share or credit something in the social media, but the page you were on didn’t have sharing icons or links to the social media accounts. They might be on the front page, but not on the inside pages. And because you might just be a little busy, sometimes it’s possible you will just drop the idea of sharing or crediting the source. Don’t let your landing page fall in this category. You should have a great landing page for all the different attributes or “hooks” that will pull someone into your website. They are usually free and you can never have to many.

  1. Track your efforts

You need to have good analytics that show you what is working and what isn’t. With that information you are able to do more of the right marketing and stop doing what doesn’t work. Very soon you will have a business or website whose performance has significantly improved.

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