SEC Accounting firms & Public Companies can now simplify their accounting and leadership duties through outsourcing programs and services that help them reach their business goals and objectives faster and more cost-effectively.


Ensure that the vital link between your company, its board of directors, investors, shareholders, SEC law firm and government regulators, is well maintained and kept stronger than ever.

Reduce filing times and increase investor trust and have your SEC EDGAR, SEDAR, and iXBRL filings handled by a team of experienced professionals.

Save time and money by delegating your company regulatory compliance and corporate accounting with a team of qualified experts.

Finding SEC Accounting Firms & Solutions For Public Companies

Our investor relations firms network can help you navigate when choosing an SEC Accounting Firm for CFO support services, a company needs to consider all of the following:

  • Can the firm offer CFO support services to help me raise money from potential investors?
  • Does the SEC Accounting Firm offer a flexible fee structure?
  • Is the SEC Accounting firm PCAOB registered?
  • Will the Firm provide access to staff after regular working hours?
  • Will the firm layout an engagement plan before starting work?
  • Can the SEC Accounting Firm perform all the necessary CFO support services I need to adhere to all SEC regulations and, at the same time, reduce my SEC compliance costs?
  • Does the SEC Accounting Firm have a flexible approach in providing CFO Support services, whereby they can either perform various CFO tasks on a project by project basis? 
  • Take on the interim CFO position or work with our existing CFO to save money by outsourcing some of our accounting functions?
  • Can the SEC Accounting Firms provide an Audit Prep service that can help reduce the quarterly review?
  • Can the Firm provide year-end audit work performed by an external Audit Firm, thereby helping reduce the audit costs charged by the external audit firm?
  • Can the SEC Accounting Firms perform the necessary Sarbanes Oxley 404 documentation and testing work (SOX 404A) required to be completed annually by all public companies?
  • As certified as being completed by our Chief Executive and Financial officers in our quarterly and annual SEC filings (Form 10K-Item 9A)?
  • Is it assisting with legal in drafting the Form S-1, 10K, and 10Q for public companies?
  • Are they assisting Private companies in going public either in a reverse merger or self-filing?
  • Is it reducing your SEC compliance costs?

Finding SEC Accounting Firms & Solutions For Public Companies

There’s a better way to manage regulatory duties and responsibilities. Outsourcing CFO, accounting, and bookkeeping responsibilities to an experienced team of US GAAP and IFRS Accounting and Compliance Experts can be the answer.

Outsourcing can give you time back in your day to focus on your business goals and objectives.

The companies below focus on US GAAP Corporate Accounting, Financial Reporting, SEC EDGAR iXBRL & SEDAR Filings, Internal (SOX) Compliance and Controls, and Regulatory Compliance — Complex and time-consuming duties that often leave management teams with little time for anything else.

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