3 Ways To Fund Your Business

Jul 30, 2019 Blog
Raising capital & Getting VC's Attention
Ways to Fund your business

A well-organized, professional Investor Relations and Broker Network Program can help provide ways to fund your business, build the familiarity your company needs in order to get its share of attention and increase the liquidity in your company stock.

Finding ways to fund your business still remains a difficult task even though in recent years a number of platforms have been developed to help new entrepreneurs.

New technological advancements have opened up many new avenues to launch and fund budding enterprises. To succeed in this process, you have to find ways to fund your business and get noticed by those who want to provide financing in exchange for a stake in your new company.

Online Fundraising Platforms

The past few years have given birth to virtually countless online fundraising platforms. They have become highly popular with sophisticated and accredited individual investors, angels, and even banks and funds looking for new ways to deploy capital.

The major platforms run from peer-to-peer lending sites that offer business loans to donation-based, debt and equity crowdfunding portals.

For donations, you can try Kickstarter or Indiegogo. For equity crowdfunding platforms the most popular platforms are the following:






Even if you don’t use online platforms to raise all the money you want, they can be extremely effective for getting noticed. The key is finding the right match in a platform for your venture and needs, as well as being realistic about what it will take to make a campaign work.

Social Media

Social media can be your best friend when looking for ways to fund your business. Whether engaging in it or not: social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Implementing the right social media solutions is paramount for any successful marketing program. It’s a digital world out there, and with hyper-connectivity comes new technological ways to keep us socially linked. As a lean startup or solo entrepreneur looking to test the market, gain traction, and attract investors, social media makes it easy to be discovered and is still one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching others.

You can take an inbound approach with your own posts and updates, or take a more active approach with collaborations and leveraging sponsored posts or influencers.

Direct messaging can be a powerful tool when searching for ways to fund your business. If you can get the social profile handles of well-fitting investors, it might only take one great message to connect with the capital your startup needs. If this sounds like a fit for you, check out LinkedIn contact information for the top 50 angel investors based on investment volume.

In the event you need VCs you can always go to Crunchbase and research for those investors that are actively investing in your industry.

When it comes to social media, here are the most popular channels and how to use them:

•LinkedIn for cold messages or to seek quality introductions to pass the social proof with guarded investors such as Venture Capital investors. LinkedIn Premium is totally worth for unlocking certain features.

•Facebook for meaningful relationships after you have been able to meet with an investor once or twice. It is critical to building a relationship to generate trust.

•Twitter for thoughtful conversations and engagement with relevant information shared by the investor

Ways To Fund Your Business try Attending Events

Success in business and fundraising is all about visibility, getting noticed by the right investors, who you know, and who knows you. Attending events is a great way to achieve this. Try to find out who is attending the event ahead of time and schedule meetings to be productive.

This can be pitch nights for presenting your own opportunity and meeting active investors who are there, engaging in coding marathons, or simply getting out to organized networking functions and industry trade shows.

If you are operating an early-stage company, you may want to consider attending any of the following events:



•TechCrunch Disrupt



To get ahead of the competition and take a more passive route, consider attending other events where your investors are likely to be. Think sporting events, charity fundraisers, film festival and yacht shows.

Our experience has shown that a properly coordinated outreach program can attract venture capital and increase awareness. At OTC PR Group we’re experts in investor relations and figuring out what message you want to convey, who you want it to reach, and then executing a successful program to effectively relay that information.